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How to password protect a folder Windows 7/10

This page was created to show you how to password protect a folder in the different versions of Windows. Password protecting a folder in Windows 7/10 Many of you might be wondering if and how you can set a password protected folder in Windows 7 or 10. Unfortunately, there is not a build-in way to… read more »

YouTube Fullscreen Not Working Glitch Fix (Chrome)

This page was made to fix the Fullscreen not working glitch. The YouTube Fullscreen glitch explained Some users are reporting that they are having annoying trouble with watching YouTube videos on Fullscreen because the tabs and the taskbar remain on screen.  This is not such a big issue for those who are only watching video… read more »

How to fix Javascript:void(0) Error

This page was created to help you fix the Javascript:void(0) error. Lately users have been reporting the occurrence of the javascript:void(0) error when surfing the Internet. What’s interesting about this error is that it seems to be displayed only when visiting certain sites. Presumably, it is caused by some kind of a minor problem with… read more »